Supporting missions is important because it is God’s plan to establish new churches and bring new believers to Christ.

In 2018 First Baptist Church is sending missions support to:

Paul talked about the church praying for missionaries so that the missionary could accomplish his work. In 2 Thessalonians 3, Paul says that the church should pray for missionaries so that God’s Word would be effective and glorified in the lives of the believers. He also said that missionaries need protection from the world and from wicked men. Paul implied that without the prayers of churches, he and this missionary team could not do the work God called them to do.

God does not want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9). His plan is that those who already know the Gospel share it with those around them.

Through a church mission program, we are privileged to pool our resources to help fund the spread the the Gospel through the world.

What will your part in missions be? We should all be sharing the Gospel with those around us. Does God want you to be more committed? Even if you are not called to be a foreign missionary, you can help the cause of missions by supporting missions through prayer, finances, or time.

Even giving $1 or $5 can go a long way in a third world country, but please, do not take from your regular church offering. This church continues to need your support to fulfill its mission to you here every week.

A Missions Team of five members was established for 2016. It meets quarterly to review our support and choose recipients each quarter. We pray the money goes to God’s work and He will be pleased and bless our church.

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